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HSBC Global Investment Funds India Fixed Income
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Aktiefonder 12,63 USD 5,61 % ej betygsatt Jämför Köp

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Investment Objective The Fund aims to provide long-term total return (meaning capital growth and income) by investing in a portfolio of Indian bonds. In normal market conditions, at least 90% of the Fund’s assets are invested in investment-grade bonds (rated as such by a credit ratings agency), non-investment grade or unrated bonds (which carry more risk) and other similar securities. The Fund can invest in bonds issued the Indian government, its government agencies, and Indian companies. The Fund’s assets can be denominated in Indian rupee and the US dollar. The Fund can also invest in other instruments, e.g. structured notes referencing underlying exposure to Indian Rupee bonds and cash. Investment in Indian domestic fixed income securities may from time to time be restricted by Indian domestic regulation and hence the Fund may have substantial exposure to non-Indian Rupee denominated investments outside of India. The Fund can also invest up to 10% of its assets in contingent convertible securities. These are bonds that convert to equities (carrying increased risk) if the issuer runs into difficulty. However, this exposure is not expected to exceed 5%. Using Derivatives The Fund may also invest in financial derivative instruments. These are financial instruments whose value is based on underlying assets, for example bonds, stocks and currencies. The derivatives the Fund can use include various types of currency and credit derivatives, options, futures and swaps such as credit default swaps (among others). The Fund uses derivatives to enhance returns and protect against risks (hedging). They can also be used to gain exposure to the Indian rupee, if the Fund buys holdings that aren’t denominated in, or linked to, the rupee. However, the Fund will not use financial derivatives extensively for investment purposes. Financial derivative instruments may also be embedded in other instruments used by the Fund.

Fondens startår: 2012-08-20 Fondens Bolag: HSBC Global Investment Funds FondStorlek: 43,40 milj USD